Comparative in vitro-in vivo percutaneous penetration of the fungicide ortho-phenylphenol.

  title={Comparative in vitro-in vivo percutaneous penetration of the fungicide ortho-phenylphenol.},
  author={Nicole H. P. Cnubben and Graham R. Elliott and Betty C Hakkert and Wim J A Meuling and Johannes J M van de Sandt},
  journal={Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP},
  volume={35 2 Pt 1},
The validity of in vitro and in vivo methods for the prediction of percutaneous penetration in humans was assessed using the fungicide ortho-phenylphenol (OPP) (log Po/w 3.28, MW 170.8, solubility in water 0.7 g/L). In vivo studies were performed in rats and human volunteers, applying the test compound to the dorsal skin and the volar aspect of the forearm, respectively. In vitro studies were performed using static diffusion cells with viable full-thickness skin membranes (rat and human… CONTINUE READING

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