Comparative genomics on SNAI1, SNAI2, and SNAI3 orthologs.

  title={Comparative genomics on SNAI1, SNAI2, and SNAI3 orthologs.},
  author={Masuko Katoh},
  journal={Oncology reports},
  volume={14 4},
SNAI1, SNAI2, and SNAI3 genes, encoding transcriptional repressors implicated in epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT), are human homologs of Drosophila snail (sna) and slug genes. SNAI1 represses transcription of CDH1 (E-cadherin) gene. SNAI2 induces the first phase of EMT, including desmosome dissociation, cell spreading, and initiation of cell separation. Because SNAI family proteins are implicated in EMT during embryogenesis and carcinogenesis, SNAI family genes are potent targets of… CONTINUE READING
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