Comparative gene expression in brain regions of human alcoholics.

  title={Comparative gene expression in brain regions of human alcoholics.},
  author={Traute Flatscher-Bader and Marcel Patrick van der Brug and Novella Landis and John W Hwang and Erin Bilgili Pharm. D. Harrison and Peter A. Wilce},
  journal={Genes, brain, and behavior},
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The mesocorticolimbic system is the reward centre of the brain and the major target for drugs of abuse including alcohol. Neuroadaptive changes in this region are thought to underlie the process of tolerance and dependence. Recently, several research groups have searched for alcohol-responsive genes using high-throughput microarrays and well-characterized human post-mortem material. Comparison of data from these studies of cortical regions highlights the differences in experimental approach and… CONTINUE READING