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Comparative evaluation of tolmetin & tolmetin-zinc on wound-repair & inflammation.

  title={Comparative evaluation of tolmetin \& tolmetin-zinc on wound-repair \& inflammation.},
  author={Chamallamudi Mallikarjuna Rao and K. V. Ramesh and K. Laxminarayana Bairy and D. R. Kulkarni},
  journal={The Indian journal of medical research},
In view of the reported healing-suppressant activity of some NSAIDs and absence of this adverse effect in their zinc-complexes, tolmetin (Tol), a recently introduced NSAID and its zinc-complex (Tol-Zn) were compared for their wound healing and antiinflammatory profiles in male albino rats. Tolmetin-zinc (Tol-Zn) significantly reversed (P less than 0.01) the suppressant effect of Tol on gain in breaking strength of skin incisions and dead space wounds (breaking strength, g: for control, Tol and… 
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