Comparative epidemiology of selected midline congenital abnormalities.

  title={Comparative epidemiology of selected midline congenital abnormalities.},
  author={Ping Yang and Muin J. Khoury and Walter F. Stewart and Terri H. Beaty and Elsbeth Chee and John C. Beatty and Eli L Diamond and Leon Gordis},
  journal={Genetic epidemiology},
  volume={11 2},
We present comparative epidemiologic characteristics of five congenital abnormalities that have been suggested to result from midline abnormal developmental disturbances: esophageal atresia with or without tracheoesophageal fistula (EA/TEF), imperforate anus with or without fistula (IA/F), omphalocele (OM), bladder exstrophy (BE), and diaphragmatic hernia (DH). The purpose was to assess the extent of epidemiologic similarities among these five defects. Data were collected as part of a… CONTINUE READING
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