Comparative dating of a Bison-bearing late-Pleistocene deposit, Térapa, Sonora, Mexico

  title={Comparative dating of a Bison-bearing late-Pleistocene deposit, T{\'e}rapa, Sonora, Mexico},
  author={Jordon Bright and Darrell S. Kaufman and Steven L Forman and William Neil Mcintosh and Jim I. Mead and Arturo Moreno B{\'a}ez},
Abstract A recently discovered Bison -bearing fossil locality at Terapa, Sonora, Mexico, had previously been dated to 440 ± 130 ka using whole rock 40 Ar/ 39 Ar on a basalt flow that impounds the deposit. This age is considerably older than the accepted age of about 240–160 ka for the migration of Bison into greater North America. The Terapa deposit also contains a mixture of fossils from extralimital or extinct tropical animals and temperate animals. Constraining the age of the deposit is… CONTINUE READING