Comparative copper IUD trials.

  title={Comparative copper IUD trials.},
  author={Cole Lp and Potts Dm and Carlos Aranda and B Behlilovi{\'c} and Etman Es and Jos{\'e} Ra{\'u}l Moreno and Ljiljana Randi{\'c} and Ruben Apelo and Margaret Thomas},
The TCu 380Ag is one of the newer IUDs developed for potential long life long term contraceptive effectiveness and its performance must be equal or superior to earlier devices. The effectiveness safety and acceptability of the TCu 380Ag have been evaluated in 2 multicenter international trials in which the device and either the Multiload Cu375 or Cu 7 IUDs were randomly assigned to women who requested IUD insertion. From September 1980 to June 1982 1499 women entered the TCu 380Ag/ML Cu375… CONTINUE READING

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