Comparative analysis of the canAV-1 and canAV-2 genomes.

  title={Comparative analysis of the canAV-1 and canAV-2 genomes.},
  author={P Jouvenne and Claude Hamelin},
  volume={26 1-2},
The molecular weights of canine adenovirus type 1 (canAV-1, strain Utrecht) and type 2 (canAV-2, strain Toronto A26/61) DNAs were determined by contour length measurements and restriction endonuclease analysis. In each case, an average molecular weight value of 20 (+/- 0.5) X 10(6) daltons was obtained with both methods. Similar in size, the canAV-1 and canAV-2 DNA molecules were, however, cleaved at very distinct positions by a variety of restriction endonucleases. The observed lack of DNA… CONTINUE READING