Comparative analysis of parallel operation of two three phase systems with and without Interphase transformer

  title={Comparative analysis of parallel operation of two three phase systems with and without Interphase transformer},
  author={S. Ghatak and Ramaprasad Kulkarni and Nitin Bhitre},
  journal={2016 International Conference on Computation of Power, Energy Information and Commuincation (ICCPEIC)},
  • S. Ghatak, Ramaprasad Kulkarni, Nitin Bhitre
  • Published in
    International Conference on…
  • Engineering
  • In this paper, we have discussed about the changes in the system parameters due to the presence of the Interphase transformer (IPT). Two or more rectifier systems with displaced ripple voltages can be paralled with the help of IPT. The parallel operation of two three-pulse controlled converters with IPT is simulated and the difference of with and without the IPT is analyzed. An IPT absorbs voltage difference between DC voltages of the two converters at any instant. The independent operation of… CONTINUE READING

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