Comparative analysis of male androgen responsiveness to social environment in birds: the effects of mating system and paternal incubation

  title={Comparative analysis of male androgen responsiveness to social environment in birds: the effects of mating system and paternal incubation},
  author={K. Hirschenhauser and H. Winkler and R. F. Oliveira},
  journal={Hormones and Behavior},
  • K. Hirschenhauser, H. Winkler, R. F. Oliveira
  • Published 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Hormones and Behavior
  • Male androgen responses to social challenges have been predicted to vary with mating system, male-male aggressiveness, and the degree of paternal investment in birds ("challenge hypothesis," Am. Nat. 136 (1990), 829). This study focused on the interspecific predictions of the challenge hypothesis. Comparative methods were used to control for effects of the phylogenetic relatedness among the sampled species. Male androgen data of 84 bird species were collected from literature records on seasonal… CONTINUE READING
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