Comparative Study on the Physicochemical Characteristics and Fatty Acid Composition of Cashew Nuts and Other Three Tropical Fruits

  title={Comparative Study on the Physicochemical Characteristics and Fatty Acid Composition of Cashew Nuts and Other Three Tropical Fruits},
  author={Yijun Liu and Xiaofei Li and Yu Jia Liang and Jiemin Liang and Dongyan Deng and Jihua Li},
  journal={IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science},
  • Yijun Liu, Xiaofei Li, Jihua Li
  • Published 5 September 2019
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
In order to investigate the differences of three kinds of special fruits between cashew nut oil and macadamia nut oil in the aspects of physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition, the acid value, iodine value, peroxide value, saponification value, non-saponification value, moisture and The volatile matter, pH, colour and fatty acid composition were compared. The results showed that the three oils had significant differences, and the macadamia had the highest oil content. The… 
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Effect of two postharvest technologies on the micronutrient profile of cashew kernels from Mozambique

The results indicated that drying cashews with the respective apple slightly decreased the concentration of some carotenoids and total fatty and amino acids, but increased the concentrationof iron, magnesium, and total tocotrienols compared with the conventionally (sun‐) dried kernels.

Genetical and physicochemical diversity among twelve Brazilian cultivars of cashew (Anacardium occidentale)

The cashew kernels from the cultivars studied here had low acidity and pH, considerable moisture and ash contents, and high protein and lipid contents, while those cultivars have maximum distance genetic among them, which can be used as parents in future gene combinations in breeding programs.

yunOptimization of Test Conditions for TPA Texture Properties of Avocado Flesh

In order to determine the optimization of test conditions for TPA texture properties of avocado flesh, the method of TPA was used to explore the effect of different compression locations and test



Fixed food eruption caused by cashew nut.

A fixed eruption without any antecedent drug ingestion should alert dermatologists to think of food as a causative agent.

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