Comparative Study on Alternative Splicing in Human Fungal Pathogens Suggests Its Involvement During Host Invasion

  title={Comparative Study on Alternative Splicing in Human Fungal Pathogens Suggests Its Involvement During Host Invasion},
  author={Patricia Sieber and K. Voigt and Philipp Kaemmer and S. Brunke and S. Schuster and J. Linde},
  journal={Frontiers in Microbiology},
Alternative splicing (AS) is an important regulatory mechanism in eukaryotes but only little is known about its impact in fungi. Human fungal pathogens are of high clinical interest causing recurrent or life-threatening infections. AS can be well-investigated genome-wide and quantitatively with the powerful technology of RNA-Seq. Here, we systematically studied AS in human fungal pathogens based on RNA-Seq data. To do so, we investigated its effect in seven fungi during conditions simulating ex… Expand
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