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Comparative Study of Protein Profile during Development of Mouse Placenta

  title={Comparative Study of Protein Profile during Development of Mouse Placenta},
  author={R. Han and Hong-Rye Kim and K. Naruse and S. M. Choi and B. C. Kim and Chang-Sik Park},
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Aberrant Expression of TIMP-2 and PBEF Genes in the Placentae of Cloned Mice Due to Epigenetic Reprogramming Error
The results suggest that cloned placentae appear to suffer from failure of histone modification-based reprogramming in these (and potentially other) developmentally important genes, leading to aberrant expression of their protein products. Expand
Differential Proteome Analysis of Breast and Thigh Muscles between Korean Native Chickens and Commercial Broilers
2-dimensional gel electrophoresis and matrix-assisted laser desorption-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry results can provide valuable basic information for understanding the molecular mechanism responsible for breed specific differences in meat quality, especially the meat flavour. Expand
Effect of Irradiation on the Mixture of Egg White Proteins Responsible for Foaming Property
Xian De Liu, Rong Xiu Han, Dong Il Jin, Soo Kee Lee and Cheorun JoDepartment of Animal Science and Biotechnology, Chungnam National UniversityABSTRACTIrradiation of egg white increased foamingExpand
Effect of irradiation on foaming properties of egg white proteins.
2-dimensional electrophoresis analysis demonstrated that protein scissions are the main changes caused by irradiation and this protein modification may be the main reason for the improvement in foaming ability of egg white. Expand