Comparative Study of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Razor Clam ( Solen regularis ) in Moyan and Serpan , Sarawak

  title={Comparative Study of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Razor Clam ( Solen regularis ) in Moyan and Serpan , Sarawak},
  author={Devagi Kanakaraju and Fazira Ibrahim and Mohd Nazli Berseli},
Heavy metal levels were investigated in different tissues of razor clam (Solen regularis) and sediments collected from Moyan and Serpan, Sarawak. Analysis of elements, Cd, Mn, Fe, Cr and Cu were carried out in soft tissues, gills, siphon, foot and whole tissues of razor clams (Solen regularis) using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (FAAS). Accumulation pattern in different organs varied with metals and sampling sites. Fe occurred in elevated concentration in sediments (741.8-989.0 mg… CONTINUE READING


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