Comparative Study between Two Protection Schemes for DFIG-based Wind Generator Fault Ride Through

  title={Comparative Study between Two Protection Schemes for DFIG-based Wind Generator Fault Ride Through},
  author={Kenneth Eloghene Okedu and S. M. Muyeen and Rion Takahashi and Junji Tamura},
Fixed speed wind turbine generators system that uses induction generator as a wind generator has the stability problem similar to a synchronous generator. On the other hand, doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) has the flexibility to control its real and reactive powers independently while being operated in variable speed mode. This paper focuses on a scheme where IG is stabilized by using DFIG during grid fault. In that case, DFIG will be heavily stressed and a remedy should be found out to… Expand
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Adjustable speed generators for wind turbines based on doubly-fed induction machines and 4-quadrant IGBT converters linked to the rotor
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