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Comparative Study and Implementation of Image Processing Techniques Using MATLAB

  title={Comparative Study and Implementation of Image Processing Techniques Using MATLAB},
  author={Sukhjinder Singh and Rakesh Kumar Bansal and Savina Bansal and M. Tech},
Image enhancement aims at improving the quality of image for better visualization. This paper presents three methods of image enhancement: - GHE, LHE an d DS IHE that improve the visual quality of images. In this paper, we implement and examine the effect of above mentioned techniques based on objective and subjective image quality parameters (like PSNR, NAE, S C, AE and MOS ) to measure the quality of gray scale enhanced images. A comparati ve analysis is also being carried out. For handling… 

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It can be seen from the results that for the face images, with very high illumination dissimilarities, the proposed method improves the performance significantly and the dynamic range of face images is improved using logarithmic transformations.

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Performance improvement of enhancement methods for underwater images

  • Jasleen KaurN. Sohi
  • Environmental Science, Computer Science
    2017 2nd International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES)
  • 2017
Two methods are proposed based on BBHE, DSIHE, Gamma Filter, Butterworth Filter and color correction for enhancement of underwater images that outperform the other methods.

Comparative Analysis of Digital Image Enhancement Techniques

One of the most important stages in medical images detection and analysis is Image Enhancement techniques which improves the quality (clarity) of images for human.



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The performance of several established image enhancement techniques is presented in terms of different parameters like Absolute mean brightness error (AMBE), Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), Normalized absolute error (NAE), contrast, correlation and visual quality to make real-time image-processing applications more feasible and easier.

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Comparative analysis of different enhancement techniques for contrast enhancement will be carried out on the basis of subjective and objective parameters.

Multi-Histogram Equalization Methods for Contrast Enhancement and Brightness Preserving

This work proposes a novel technique called Multi-HE, which consists of decomposing the input image into several sub-images, and then applying the classical HE process to each one, which performs a less intensive image contrast enhancement, in a way that the output image presents a more natural look.

Performance Evaluation of Contrast Enhancement Techniques for Digital Images

Compared to other existent methods, RSWHE preserves the image brightness more accurately and produces images with better contrast enhancement, and at the same time maintain input mean brightness.

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An objective image quality assessment to measure the quality of gray scale compressed image, which is correlation well with subjective quality measurement (MOS) and least time taken is proposed.

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An effective method for image contrast enhancement is presented with a mapping function, which is a mixture of global and local transformation functions that improve both the brightness and fine details of the input image.

Image Contrast Enhancement based Sub-histogram Equalization Technique without Over-equalization Noise

This paper includes how to determine the segmentation points in the histogram and the proposed algorithm has been tested with more than 100 images having various contrasts in the images and the results are compared to the conventional approaches to show its superiority.

A Fast Implementation of Adaptive Histogram Equalization

A fast implementation of AHE based on pure software techniques is proposed and theoretical analysis and experimental results demonstrate the proposed algorithm is effective.

Brightness preserving histogram equalization with maximum entropy: a variational perspective

Experimental results show that BPHEME can not only enhance the image effectively, but also preserve the original brightness quite well, so that it is possible to be utilized in consumer electronic products.