Comparative Sperm Ultrastructure of Baikalian Endemic Prosobranch Gastropods.

  title={Comparative Sperm Ultrastructure of Baikalian Endemic Prosobranch Gastropods.},
  author={PETER Ropstorf and John M. Healy and Frank Riedel and Tatiana Ya. Sitnikova},
  journal={The Journal of molluscan studies},
  volume={68 2},
Mature euspermatozoan ultrastructure is described for seven species of the rissooidean family Baicaliidae (endemic to Lake Baikal, Russia)-Liobaicalia stiedae, Teratobaikalia ciliata, T. macrostoma, Baicalia carinata, Pseudobaikalia pulla, Maackia bythiniopsis, M. variesculpta, and M. herderiana. For comparison with these species and previously investigated Rissooidea, two species of the Lake Baikal endemic genus Benedictia (B. cf. fragilis and B. baicalensis; Hydrobiidae: Benedictiinae of some… CONTINUE READING
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