Comparative Religious Ethics: A Narrative Approach

  title={Comparative Religious Ethics: A Narrative Approach},
  author={Darrell J. Fasching and Dell de Chant and J. Neusner and S. Twiss and B. Grelle and R. Wolfe},
Preface.Acknowledgments.Part I: Post/Modern Stories of War and Peace.Introduction: Storytelling and Comparative Religious Ethics.1. Religion, Ethics and Storytelling.Religion: The Sacred and the Holy.The Awakening of Ethical Consciousness: The Power of Religious Stories, East and West.The Great Religious Stories of the World - An Overview.A Postscript on Religious Language - A Word of Caution.2. Stories of War and Peace - Ancient and Post/Modern.Tales of Demonic Madness - From Auschwitz to… Expand
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