Comparative Larval Development of Peprilus burti, P. triacanthus and P. paru (Pisces: Stromateidae) from the Western North Atlantic

  title={Comparative Larval Development of Peprilus burti, P. triacanthus and P. paru (Pisces: Stromateidae) from the Western North Atlantic},
  author={James G. Ditty and Frank M. Truesdale},
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Osteological Studies Of Larvae Of Trachurus Japonicus (Perciformes: Carangidae). 1. Formation Of Fin Rays
The development of median and paired fin rays of T. japonicus is dealt with, showing an absence of a con-u-non sequence of ray formation and the sequence of rays seems to be a pattem shared by carangid species.
Observations on the ontogeny of butterfish Stromateus stellatus larvae (Pisces: Stromateidae) off central Chile
The larvae of the starry butterfish Stromateus stellatus share the general shape of the family, with a body that increases notably in depth and preanal length during development; they present characteristic pigmentation that differentiates them from larvae of related species.
Environmental Influences on Juvenile Fish Abundances in a River-Dominated Coastal System
Abstract We investigated the influence of climatic and environmental factors on interannual variations in juvenile abundances of marine fishes in a river-dominated coastal system of the north-central


Early Osteological Development of White Perch and Striped Bass with Emphasis on Identification of Their Larvae
Abstract A cartilage and bone staining technique was employed to study the developmental osteology of the striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and white perch (Morone americana). Special attention was
Enzyme clearing of alcian blue stained whole small vertebrates for demonstration of cartilage.
Alcohol treatment in addition to formalin fixation does not affect results with this method, it should be useful to researchers who want to study the cartilage or cartilaginous skeletons in museum specimens, which are routinely fixed in formalin and stored in alcohol.