Comparative Host Suitability of Some Brassica Cultivars for the Whitefly , Aleyrodes proletella ( Homoptera : Aleyrodidae )

  title={Comparative Host Suitability of Some Brassica Cultivars for the Whitefly , Aleyrodes proletella ( Homoptera : Aleyrodidae )},
  author={Miguel Nebreda and Gloria Nombela and Mariano Mu{\~n}iz},
Four cultivars of broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. variety ÔitalicaÕ), two cultivars of early caulißower (Brassica oleracea L. variety ÔbotrytisÕ), four cultivars of late caulißower, and one cultivar of red cabbage (Brassica oleraceaL. variety ÔcapitataÕ) were screened to determine some reproductive parameters ofAleyrodes proletellaL. in a no-choice assay. The highest and lowest oviposition rates and production of pupae and adults were obtained with late caulißower (cultivar Picasso) and red… CONTINUE READING


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