Comparative Analysis of Roadway Reinforcement Effects Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling in the Fractured Zone of Water-Rich Fault

  title={Comparative Analysis of Roadway Reinforcement Effects Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling in the Fractured Zone of Water-Rich Fault},
  author={Zhang Jihua and Dong Yun and Chen Yadong and Yang Jiang and Sun Huasheng and Yuqing Fan and Chun Wang},
  journal={Advances in Civil Engineering},
Water inrush is a common geological disaster during the roadway excavation process in the broken zone of water-rich faults. In this paper, the 15107 mining roadway built by Yuxing coal mine in such a fault zone was used as a case study to determine the water content of the surrounding rocks and a fault zone using the transient electromagnetic method (TEM). Also, the mechanics characteristics of such rocks in both saturated and unsaturated states were analyzed, a computational model for fluid… Expand
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