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Comparative Analysis of Mamdani, Sugeno and Tsukamoto Method of Fuzzy Inference System for Air Conditioner Energy Saving

  title={Comparative Analysis of Mamdani, Sugeno and Tsukamoto Method of Fuzzy Inference System for Air Conditioner Energy Saving},
  author={Aep Saepullah and R. S. Wahono},
  journal={Journal of intelligent systems},
Air Conditioner (AC) nowadays is one of the electrical equipment commonly used in human daily life to reduce the heat, especially for communities who live in the hot weather area. But in the other side, air conditioner usage has a shortage such as a huge electrical energy consumption of air conditioning and it reach 90% of the total electrical energy that was needed by a household, and that especially happen when operated at the peak load electricity time or around 17:00 until 22:00, and it… Expand

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