Comparability of resting energy expenditure in Nigerians and U.S. blacks.

  title={Comparability of resting energy expenditure in Nigerians and U.S. blacks.},
  author={Amy Luke and Charles N Rotimi and Abedowale A Adeyemo and R Durazo-arvizu and T. Elaine Prewitt and L Moragne-Kayser and Regina Harders and Richard S. Cooper},
  journal={Obesity research},
  volume={8 5},
OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of environmental factors on resting energy expenditure (REE) and its relationship to adiposity in two populations of West African origin, Nigerians and U.S. blacks. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES REE and body composition were measured in a cross-sectional sample of 89 Nigerian adults (39 women and 50 men), and 181 U.S. black adults (117 women and 65 men). Both groups represent randomly selected population samples. REE was measured by indirect calorimetry… CONTINUE READING
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