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Compactness of isospectral conformal Finslerian metrics set on a 3-manifold

  title={Compactness of isospectral conformal Finslerian metrics set on a 3-manifold},
  author={Gilbert Nibaruta and Pascaline Nshimirimana},
Let F be a Finslerian metric on an n−dimensional closed manifold M . In this work, we study problems about compactness of isospectral sets of conformal Finslerian metrics when n = 3. More precisely, let F̃ ∈ [F ] be a Finslerian metric in the conformal class of F whose scalar curvature is nonpositive constant. We show that the set of metrics in [F ] isospectral to F̃ is compact in the C∞-topology. 


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