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Compactification of semi-simple Lie groups.

  title={Compactification of semi-simple Lie groups.},
  author={Pierre b. Albin and Panagiotis Dimakis and Richard B. Melrose and David A. Vogan},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
We discuss the `hd-compactification' of a semi-simple Lie group to a manifold with corners; it is the real analog of the wonderful compactification of deConcini and Procesi. There is a 1-1 correspondence between the boundary faces of the compactification and conjugacy classes of parabolic subgroups with the boundary face fibering over two copies of the corresponding flag variety with fiber modeled on the (compactification of the) reductive part. On the hd-compactification Harish-Chandra's… 


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Let G be a split connected reductive algebraic group. Let E⟶B$\mathcal {E}\longrightarrow \mathcal {B}$ be a G×G$G\times G$ ‐torsor over a smooth base scheme B$\mathcal {B}$ and X be a regular
Real reductive groups