Compact kähler manifolds of positive bisectional curvature

  title={Compact k{\"a}hler manifolds of positive bisectional curvature},
  author={Yum-tong Siu and Shing-Tung Yau},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
  • Y. Siu, S. Yau
  • Published 1 June 1980
  • Mathematics
  • Inventiones mathematicae
Compact K\"ahler manifolds with positive orthogonal bisectional curvature
In this short note, using Siu-Yau's method [14], we give a new proof that any n-dimensional compact Kahler manifold with positive orthogonal bisectional curvature must be biholomorphic to
Frankel conjecture and Sasaki geometry
Ricci flow on Kähler-Einstein manifolds
This is the continuation of our earlier article [10]. For any Kähler-Einstein surfaces with positive scalar curvature, if the initial metric has positive bisectional curvature, then we have proved
Harmonic maps from Riemann surfaces into complex Finsler manifolds
Given a smooth map from a compact Riemann surface to a complex manifold equipped with a strongly pseudoconvex complex Finsler metric, we define the $\bar{\partial}$-energy of the map, whose absolute
Minimal surfaces - variational theory and applications
Minimal surfaces are among the most natural objects in Differential Geometry, and have been studied for the past 250 years ever since the pioneering work of Lagrange. The subject is characterized by
On quadratic orthogonal bisectional curvature
In this article we study compact K\ahler manifolds satisfying a certain nonnegativity condition on the bisectional curvature. Under this condition, we show that the scalar curvature is nonnegative
Nonnegatively curved contact manifolds
A compact simply connected contact Riemannian manifold with positive sectional curvature is homeomorphic with a sphere if its contact structure is normal and regular. In dimension 3 the regularity
Structure of Manifolds with Positive Curvature Based on Geometric Analysis
The Gauss-Bonnet theorem and the Cohn-Vossen inequality show that the only complete surface with positive curvature is either the sphere, RP, or the plane. In higher dimension, the curvature tensor
Let Σ be a compact oriented surface and N a compact Kähler manifold with nonnegative holomorphic bisectional curvature. For harmonic map flow starting from a map Σ → N with low ∂̄-energy, the limit
Harmonic map flow with low $\bar{\partial}$-energy
Let $\Sigma$ be a compact oriented surface and $N$ a compact Kahler manifold with nonnegative holomorphic bisectional curvature. For harmonic map flow starting from a map $\Sigma \to N$ with low


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Many physical problems involve quantities that depend on more than one variable. The temperature within a “large”1 solid body of conducting material varies with both time and location within the
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A manifold is called a complex manifold if it can be covered by coordinate patches with complex coordinates in which the coordinates in overlapping patches are related by complex analytic
Closedness of the Douady Spaces of Compact Kähler Spaces
Let X be a complex space and Dx the Douady space of compact analytic subspaces of X. For every point d^Dx-> we denote by Zd the corresponding analytic subspace of X. Define the subspace, Dx, of
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On univalent harmonic maps between surfaces
Hence the energy defines a functional on the space of Lipshitz maps between M and M'. Critical points of this functional are called harmonic maps. These maps were studied by Bochner, Morrey, Rauch,