Compact UWB radiator for short-range GPR applications

  title={Compact UWB radiator for short-range GPR applications},
  author={A Lestari and Y. A. Kirana and A. B. Suksmono and Adit Kurniawan and Endon Bharata and A. G. Yarovo and L. P. Ligthart},
  journal={Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Grounds Penetrating Radar, 2004. GPR 2004.},
In this paper the design of an UWB antenna for short-range impulse GPR applications is presented. The antenna consists of an UWB radiator and a metallic shielding. The radiator is based on a modified bow-tie antenna that in comparison with conventional bow-tie antennas shows improvement in the form of higher radiation efficiency and reduced dimension. Using… CONTINUE READING