Compact Routing on Chordal Rings of Degree Four yLata

  title={Compact Routing on Chordal Rings of Degree Four yLata},
  author={Narayanan Jaroslav OpatrnyDepartment},
  • Narayanan Jaroslav OpatrnyDepartment
  • Published 1997
A chordal ring G(n; c) of degree 4 is a ring of n nodes with chords connecting each vertex i to the vertex (i + c) mod n. In this paper, we investigate compact routing schemes on such networks. We show a routing scheme for any such network that requires O(log n) bits of storage at each node, and O(1) time to compute a shortest path to any destination. This improves on the results of 16] which gives a linear time algorithm for such networks and 6] where eecient routing schemes for certain xed… CONTINUE READING