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Compact Low-Profile Wearable Antennas For Breast Cancer Detection

  title={Compact Low-Profile Wearable Antennas For Breast Cancer Detection},
  author={Hamad AlShehhi and Mariam Alzarouni and Noura AlYammahi and Raed M. Shubair and Nazar T. Ali},
  journal={arXiv: Signal Processing},
Many lives can be saved if tumors are detected in early stages, which can result in a bigger chance for recovery. Many patients find it irritating to get regular checkups due to the fact that the majority of the monitoring systems are complicated, not available everywhere and not mobile. Furthermore, for medical field applications, micro-strip antennas are efficient and have flexible properties that are utilized in imaging, diagnosis and treatment. It is known that breast cancer is the most… Expand
A Compact UWB Antenna Design for Breast Cancer detection
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A wearable rectangular microstrip antenna, designed based on the fact that the conductivity values of healthy tissues and tumor/cancer tissues are different, can be used in microwave imaging systems to detect tumors in organs such as the lung, brain, liver, and kidney. Expand
Inward Fractal Dual Band High Gain Compact Antenna
A microstrip antenna with nested two folds fractal shape, optimized over a 5 x 5 cm2 area, so that dual frequency operation is obtained at the IMT band and in the Radiolocation Service at 1.4 GHz and 3.2 GHz respectively. Expand


Ultra Wideband Breast Cancer Detection by Using SAR for Indication the Tumor Location
Breast cancer detection is presented by observing the specific absorption rate (SAR) intensity for identification tumor location, the tumor is identified in coordinates (x,y,z) system and results are simulated in frequency 4-8 GHz. Expand
Miniaturized Antenna with Combination of Meander and Square Spiral Slots for Biomedical Applications
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Biomedical Application of Microstrip Patch Antenna
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A tapered microstrip patch antenna array for use in breast cancer screening via 3D active microwave imaging
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Multiband Miniaturized Patch Antennas for a Compact, Shielded Microwave Breast Imaging Array
The reconstructed breast images generated from miniaturized patch array data suggest that, for the realistic noise power levels assumed in this study, the variations in gain observed across this class of multiband patch antennas do not significantly impact the overall image quality. Expand
A Review of Implantable Patch Antennas for Biomedical Telemetry: Challenges and Solutions [Wireless Corner]
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Terahertz Channel Model and Link Budget Analysis for Intrabody Nanoscale Communication
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