Compact Hausdorff objects

  title={Compact Hausdorff objects},
  author={Ernest G. Manes},
  journal={General Topology and Its Applications},
  • E. Manes
  • Published 1 December 1974
  • Mathematics
  • General Topology and Its Applications

Hausdorff separation in categories

Considering subobjects, points and a closure operator in an abstract category, we introduce a generalization of the Hausdorff separation axiom for topological spaces: the notion ofT2-object. We

Categorically Proper Homomorphisms of Topological Groups

The Dikranjan-Uspenskij notions of c-compact and h-complete topological group to the morphism level are extended and the stability properties of the newly defined types of maps are studied to compare them with their counterparts in topology.

A notion of compactness in topological categories

In this paper, the notion of compactness as well as the notion of compact pairs for an arbitrary topological category is introduced. Furthermore, various generalizations of Tychonoff (completely

On categorical notions of compact objects

This paper introduces and studies an internal notion of compact objects relative to a closure operator and a notion of Compact objects with respect to a class of morphisms and shows that, in convenient settings, compactness can be viewed as Borel-Lebesgue compactness for a suitable closure operator.

A categorical review of complete regularity

We use the ultrafilter-convergence axiomatics for topological spaces to motivate in detail a gentle categorical introduction, first to Barr’s Set-based relational T -algebras, and then to Burroni’s T

Fuzzy Compactness Via Categorical Closure Operators

The Kuratowski-Mrowka result [12, 15] that a topological space X is compact if and only if the second projection map π Y : X × Y → Y is closed for each topological space Y, has led to a number of


In a category with a subobject structure and a closure operator, we provide a categorical theory of compactness and perfectness which yields a number of classical results of general topology as

Categorical compactness for rings

  • T. H. FayS. Joubert
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series A. Pure Mathematics and Statistics
  • 1995
Abstract In this paper we study categorical compactness with respect to a class of objects F being motiveated by examples arising from modules, abelian groups, and various classes of non-abelian

Extremally Disconnected Compact Hausdorff Reflection

The rounding of o‐filters is introduced and this concept is used to construct an extremally disconnected compact Hausdorff reflection for a given extremally disconnected space. Some characterizations



An elementary theory of the category of topological spaces

An elementary system of axioms was given by F. W. Lawvere for the category of sets and mappings. The purpose of this paper is to provide a finite number of elementary axioms for the category of


A general definition of machines in an arbitrary category which unifies the theories of sequential machines, linear control systems, tree automata and stochastic automata is presented and a new fundamental realization theorem is proved which shows how to construct a broad variety of machines with prescribed behavior.

Introduction to the Theory of Abstract Algebras

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