Compact, Provably-Good LPs for Orienteering and Regret-Bounded Vehicle Routing

  title={Compact, Provably-Good LPs for Orienteering and Regret-Bounded Vehicle Routing},
  author={Zachary Friggstad and C. Swamy},
  • Zachary Friggstad, C. Swamy
  • Published 2017
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • We develop polynomial-size LP-relaxations for orienteering and the regret-bounded vehicle routing problem (\(\mathsf {RVRP}\)) and devise suitable LP-rounding algorithms that lead to various new insights and approximation results for these problems. In orienteering, the goal is to find a maximum-reward r-rooted path, possibly ending at a specified node, of length at most some given budget B. In \(\mathsf {RVRP}\), the goal is to find the minimum number of r-rooted paths of regret at most a… CONTINUE READING
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