Commuting by bike in Belgium, the costs of minor accidents.

  title={Commuting by bike in Belgium, the costs of minor accidents.},
  author={Joris Aertsens and Bas de Geus and Gr{\'e}gory Vandenbulcke and Bart Degraeuwe and Steven Broekx and Leo De Nocker and Inge Liekens and Inge Mayeres and Romain Meeusen and Isabelle Thomas and Rudi Torfs and Hanny Willems and Luc Int Panis},
  journal={Accident; analysis and prevention},
  volume={42 6},
Minor bicycle accidents are defined as "bicycle accidents not involving death or heavily injured persons, implying that possible hospital visits last less than 24 hours". Statistics about these accidents and related injuries are very poor, because they are mostly not reported to police, hospitals or insurance companies. Yet, they form a major share of all bicycle accidents. Official registrations underestimate the number of minor accidents and do not provide cost data, nor the distance cycled… CONTINUE READING