Community wide interventions for increasing physical activity.

  title={Community wide interventions for increasing physical activity.},
  author={Philip R. A. Baker and Daniel Peter Francis and Jesus Soares and Alison Lesley Weightman and Charles Foster},
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BACKGROUND Multi-strategic community wide interventions for physical activity are increasingly popular but their ability to achieve population level improvements is unknown. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effects of community wide, multi-strategic interventions upon population levels of physical activity. SEARCH METHODS We searched the Cochrane Public Health Group Segment of the Cochrane Register of Studies,The Cochrane Library, MEDLINE, MEDLINE in Process, EMBASE, CINAHL, LILACS, PsycINFO… 

Workplace pedometer interventions for increasing physical activity.

There is a need for more high quality randomised controlled trials to assess the effectiveness of pedometer interventions in the workplace for increasing physical activity and improving subsequent health outcomes.

Do multiple community-based interventions on health promotion tackle health inequalities?

It is confirmed that community-based interventions may be reducing absolute health inequalities of deprived and disadvantaged populations, but their potential so far is not fully realized.

Workplace pedometer interventions for increasing physical activity.

To assess the effectiveness of pedometer interventions in the workplace for increasing physical activity and improving long-term health outcomes, 14 studies of workplace interventions with a pedometer component for employed adults were conducted in various high-income countries and in diverse workplaces.

Perioperative exercise programmes to promote physical activity in the medium to long term: systematic review and qualitative research

Evidence from the review indicates that interventions delivered in the perioperative setting, aimed at enhancing physical activity in the longer term, may have overall benefit and a need to develop a core outcome set for similar studies to allow quantitative synthesis.

The impact of financial incentives on physical activity in adults: a systematic review protocol

This systematic review will determine the effectiveness of positive and negative financial incentives on physical activity in adults and help inform the development of public health interventions and research in this field.

Physical activity: a synopsis and comment on “community-wide interventions for increasing physical activity”

There is an overall lack of evidence that community-wide interventions improve PA outcomes at the population level, and it is suggested that future research should first optimize the intervention by systematically evaluating treatment components and selecting a maximally efficient and effective treatment package.

Promoting physical activity in community settings : a critical exploration of intervention development, evaluation and implementation

The thesis makes the case for the development, evaluation and implementation of effective and replicable physical activity interventions for the real world, that explicitly consider the socio-ecological factors influencing physical activity behaviours and that reduce inequalities in health.

Mediators of Behavior Change Maintenance in Physical Activity Interventions for Young and Middle-Aged Adults: A Systematic Review.

Investigating mediators of physical activity maintenance found some evidence that effective mediators in formal mediation tests at 6 months and later included the "behavioral processes of change" will reveal how physical activity behavior change maintenance can be achieved.



Interventions for promoting physical activity.

It is suggested that physical activity interventions have a moderate effect on self reported physical activity and cardio-respiratory fitness, but not on achieving a predetermined level of physical activity.

Cost effectiveness of community-based physical activity interventions.

What Works in Community-Based Interventions Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating? A Review of Reviews

Self-monitoring, group-based components, and motivational signs to encourage stair use were identified as promising strategies to increase physical activity Among adults at risk for type II diabetes, evidence was found for beneficial effects on weight change and diabetes incidence.

A retrospective evaluation of a community-based physical activity health promotion program.

The findings confirm that CHIPs presents a model of sustainable implementation of physical activity in disadvantaged communities, and that it positively impacts the quality of life, perceptions of the role of physicalactivity in health, and personal responsibility for health of those involved in its programs.

Interventions to promote walking: systematic review

The most successful interventions could increase walking among targeted participants by up to 30-60 minutes a week on average, at least in the short term, from a perspective of improving population health.

Promotion of physical activity in primary health care: update of the evidence on interventions.

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Randomised controlled trials of physical activity promotion in free living populations: a review.

A review of evidence on the effectiveness of trials of physical activity promotion in healthy, free living adults found walking is the exercise most likely to fulfil these criteria.

Effectiveness of exercise-referral schemes to promote physical activity in adults: systematic review.

Exercise-referral schemes have a small effect on increasing physical activity in sedentary people, and the key challenge is to increase uptake and improve adherence by addressing the barriers described in these studies.

The effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity. A systematic review.