Community education for cardiovascular health.

  title={Community education for cardiovascular health.},
  author={John W. Farquhar and Nathan Maccoby and Peter D. S. Wood and James K. Alexander and H Breitrose and Byron William Brown and William L. Haskell and Alfred L. McAlister and A J Meyer and J. D. Nash and Michael P. Stern},
  volume={1 8023},
To determine whether community health education can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, a field experiment was conducted in three northern California towns. In two of these communities there were extensive mass-media campaigns over a 2-year period, and in one of these, face-to-face counselling was also provided for a small subset of high-risk people. The third community served as a control. People from each community were interviewed and examined before the campaigns began and one and… CONTINUE READING

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