[Community diagnosis using qualitative techniques of expectations and experiences in a health area in need of social transformation].


OBJECTIVE To know the views, experiences and expectations of care provided by the Andalusian Public Health System (SSPA) of users of an urban area in need of social transformation (ZNTS). DESIGN Qualitative methodology (exploratory study). LOCATION Urban basic health zone (16,000 inhabitants, 40% ZNTS). PARTICIPANTS Purposive sampling of users of SSPA and community leaders. Homogeneity criteria: age. Heterogeneity criteria: sex, frequency, active/pensioner, level cultural/economic. MAIN INTERVENTIONS Conversational techniques recorded by videotape and moderated by a sociologist (user dicussion groups and in-depth interviews for community leaders). ANALYSIS transcription of speeches, coding, categories triangulation and final outcome. RESULTS Seven groups (43 participants, 58% ZNTS) and 6 leaders. They want continuity of care and choice of professionals, but not the medical change without information and attention's discontinuity primary care/hospital. There's bad physical accesibility by the urban environment in the ZNTS and is criticized admission services and paperwork; the programmed appointment and the electronic prescriptions are improvements but asking more hospital referrals and reviews. There's good appreciation of the professionals (primary care-closer, hospital-greater technical capacity). It needs to improve nursing education and speed of emergency assistance. There's a lack of leadership in the system organization, very fragmented. They know a range of services focusing on the demand for care; other health activities not spread to the users. CONCLUSION The SSPA should incorporate the views and expectations of communities in social risk to a real improvement in the quality of care.

DOI: 10.1016/j.aprim.2013.01.016

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