Community detection in large-scale networks : a survey and empirical evaluation

  title={Community detection in large-scale networks : a survey and empirical evaluation},
  author={Steve Harenberg and Gonzalo A. Bello and L. Gjeltema and Stephen Ranshous and Jitendra K. Harlalka and Ramona G. Seay and Kanchana Padmanabhan and Nagiza F. Samatova},
Community detection is a common problem in graph data analytics that consists of finding groups of densely connected nodes with few connections to nodes outside of the group. In particular, identifying communities in large-scale networks is an important task in many scientific domains. In this review, we evaluated eight state-of-the-art and five traditional algorithms for overlapping and disjoint community detection on large-scale real-world networks with known ground-truth communities. These… CONTINUE READING
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