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Community and Privacy Toward a New Architecture of Humanism

  title={Community and Privacy Toward a New Architecture of Humanism},
  author={Serge Chermayeff and Christopher Alexander},
Urban Design and Quality of Life
This chapter deals with those aspects of the design of cities that have been shown to affect quality of life. Whilst direct causal relationships between physical space and well-being are often
Spatial quality determinants for residential building renovation: A methodological approach to the development of spatial quality assessment
This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Journal of Sustainable Building Technology & Urban Developmentt on 10 Sep 2014, available online:
Community & Privacy An investigation of two design models of housing in UK and USA by syntactic analysis
It is proposed that it is the difference of domestic life pattern value in UK and in USA embedded in the plans lead to the contrast of their spatial attributes.
Transdisciplinary insight of digital architecture
Considering the question of collaborative research in architecture with other arts and science, the research outlines a historic perspective of transdisciplinary digital architecture through the work
A Consideration of Issues in the Government's Public Housing Projects in Post-War Iraq
Post-war Iraq is a mix of potential opportunities, promising intentions, and difficult challenges. After 2003, the government adopted a program to manage the housing crisis and satisfy housing needs.
Design analysis and generation of traditional dwellings — The Chinese Bamboo House
  • Xiong Lu
  • Computer Science
    2011 International Conference on Multimedia Technology
  • 2011
A prototype implementation of the approach to research the design of various Bamboo Houses using grammatical analysis and how it might be used to explore variations of the Bamboo House that are more appropriate for 21st Century cities is demonstrated.
Modelling architectural design information by features : an approach to dynamic product modelling for application in architectural design
Two abstraction mechanisms help dividing the complexity of a given concept into manageable parts, allowing both a bottom-up (aggregation) and top-down (decomposition) approach to structure the information in the hierarchy of entities.
Points and lines, nodes and rods: megastructure, graph realism, and Yona Friedman’s scientific architecture
In June 1966 Hungarian-born French architect Yona Friedman travelled to the port town of Folkestone on the English Channel to join the International Dialogue of Experimental Architecture (IDEA). The