Community-acquired pneumonia.


This article not only reviews the essential aspects of community-acquired pneumonia for daily clinical practice, but also highlights the controversial issues and provides the newest available information. Community-acquired pneumonia is considered in a broad sense, without excluding certain variants that, in recent years, a number of authors have managed to delineate, such as healthcare-associated pneumonia. The latter form is nothing more than the same disease that affects more frail patients, with a greater number of risk factors, both sharing an overall common approach.

DOI: 10.1016/j.rce.2015.06.002

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@article{Falguera2015CommunityacquiredP, title={Community-acquired pneumonia.}, author={Miquel Falguera and Maria Fadul Ramirez}, journal={Revista clínica española}, year={2015}, volume={215 8}, pages={458-67} }