Community Colleges’ Use of the Term “Latinx”

  title={Community Colleges’ Use of the Term “Latinx”},
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Situating Chicana/o/x Studies Programs on Community College Campuses

  • E. Doran
  • Sociology
    Community College Journal of Research and Practice
  • 2021
ABSTRACT The study evaluates the location and prominence of Chicana/o/x Studies courses on community college campuses nationally according to their websites and public-facing resources through

Developing Racial Justice Allies in an Online Graduate Workshop Centering Latinx Students

This case study examines how students engage with content on Latinx issues across the P-20 educational pipeline to better understand and ultimately serve this population in their professional context using perspectives on allyship development and racial justice allyships.



The Complexity of the “x” in Latinx: How Latinx/a/o Students Relate to, Identify With, and Understand the Term Latinx

The usage of term Latinx has gained popularity in higher education settings. This study documents how 34 Latinx/a/o students relate to, identify with, and understand the term Latinx. Participants

“Where are My People At?”: A Community Cultural Wealth Analysis of How Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community College Students of Color Access Community and Support

  • Melvin A. Whitehead
  • Sociology, Education
    Graduate Students’ Research about Community Colleges
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Previous studies about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and similarly-identified (LGBTQ+) college students have overwhelmingly centered White students and students attending

“It’s all about the ganas”: Incorporating a Multicultural Curriculum in Developmental Education

ABSTRACT Despite the overrepresentation of students of color in developmental education, there is a lack of research on programs that promote the success and transfer of these students beginning in

Mapping and recontextualizing the evolution of the term Latinx: An environmental scanning in higher education

ABSTRACT The term Latinx emerged recently as a gender-neutral label for Latino/a and Latin@. The purpose of this paper is to examine ways in which Latinx is used within the higher education context,

Transforming academia and theorizing spaces for Latinx in higher education: voces perdidas and voces de poder

Abstract The concepts of voces perdias and voces de poder are used as a symbolic representations and reflections of oppression and power in academia. Seventy-four percent of scholarship across the

Developing Transfer Pride: An Exploration of Critical Race Pedagogy and the Summer Transfer Enrichment Program

Objective: This study examined the critical race pedagogy of the Summer Transfer Enrichment Program (STEP) over a 5-year span and how the curriculum and supplemental academic programming aided in the

Exploring the Lived Experiences and Intersectionalities of Mexican Community College Transfer Students: Qualitative Insights Toward Expanding a Transfer Receptive Culture

ABSTRACT This qualitative study examines the experiences of six Mexican community college transfer students attending a research-intensive institution in the Pacific Northwest. Using semi-structured

Chicana/o Activism and Education: An Introduction to the Special Issue

The Mexican American community has been involved in a struggle to improve the educational conditions of their children ever since the US invasion and continued occupation of Mexican territory