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Communities of practice in the business and organization studies literature

  title={Communities of practice in the business and organization studies literature},
  author={Enrique Murillo},
  journal={Inf. Res.},
espanolIntroduccion. [...] Key Result The review predicts that the concept will successfully mature out of its current crisis through a new period, already started, of theory development grounded in rigorous studies conducted in organizations.Expand
Communities of practice as an initiative for knowledge sharing in business organisations: a literature review
It appears that the importance of the three organisational factors – top management, structure and culture – lies in their ability to have a direct effect on intentionally established CoPs within business organisations. Expand
The place of communities of practice in knowledge management studies: a critical review
The importance of CoPs in the KM literature is assessed to trace how this notion is defined and used, both in practical and theoretical terms, and to classify the approaches used by KM research on CoPs. Expand
Recurrent Communities of Practice (RCoPs) and Transient Core Members (TCMs) : temporal behaviour of co-located and on-line Communities of Practice
Knowledge is a powerful tool, especially within companies and institutions. It has long been recognised that much of the knowledge of a company is embedded in the skills and practices of individualsExpand
Unravelling the Complexities of Knowledge - A qualitative study on how knowledge is managed and shared in knowledge-intensive organizations
This paper aims to investigate the knowledge sharing and management practices of knowledgeintensive organizations. The research was done through the form of a qualitative case study, examining twoExpand
Practice Makes Perfect? A Retrospective Look at a Community of Practice
Communities of practice have been touted in the organizational literature as an effective form of professional development in the workplace. When the University of Idaho Library faculty created oneExpand
The Evolution of the Communities of Practice Approach
Since its introduction by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger in Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation in 1991, the concept of communities of practice has been widely adopted by researchersExpand
Understanding and Improving the Professional Toolbox: Communities of Practice as a Paradigmatic Lesson for Knowledge Management
This chapter illustrates how the notion of CoP has changed over time and there is no unambiguous nor agreed definition, and shows how this has led to a proliferation of different organisational configurations that are tagged as CoPs. Expand
Control and autonomy irony in communities of practice from a power-based perspective
Purpose The extant literature provides evidence that control measures employed in communities of practice (CoPs) have undergone significant changes with the evolution of the concept. When itExpand
Learning the ropes of the commercialisation of academic research : a practice-based approach to learning in knowledge transfer offices
Exploitation of the knowledge generated by university research can bring social and economic benefits; thus, knowledge transfer between universities and industry is an important aspect of publicExpand
Social communities in a knowledge enabling organizational context: Interaction and relational engagement in a community of practice and a micro-community of knowledge
Organizations comprise many social communities which arguably contribute to organizational knowledge creation. Two of these are the widely discussed community of practice and the lesser knownExpand


Searching Usenet for virtual communities of practice: using mixed methods to identify the constructs of Wenger's theory
It is evident that extra-organizational communities of practice can emerge spontaneously in the social areas of the Internet, just as they emerge in organizational settings and that true communities ofpractice are not inherently limited to face-to-face interaction. Expand
The Blackwell handbook of organizational learning and knowledge management
Organizado em duas partes, este livro trata da aprendizagem organizacional e das organizações de aprendizagem sob a perspectiva técnica e social. Na primeira parte, os artigos trazem importanteExpand
Organizational knowledge and communities of practice
Le theme des communautes de pratiques peut etre aligne avec un certain nombre d'etudes en sciences de l'information centrees sur l'ecologie and l'ethologie du lieu of travail. Expand
Understanding the Benefits and Impact of Communities of Practice
Organizations are increasingly providing Communities of Practice with resources to improve the exchange and flow of knowledge and information. However, as with any other significant investment,Expand
Some success factors for the communal management of knowledge
The idea of ''Systemes d'Aide a la Gestion des Connaissances'' SAGC (Systems to aid the Management of Knowledge) is introduced and theoretical foundations concerning communal KM are established, especially as it relates to the structural and functional characteristics of CoPs. Expand
Communities of practice and organizational performance
It is argued that the social capital resident in communities of practice leads to behavioral changes, which in turn positively influence business performance, and is linked to the basic dimensions of social capital. Expand
Knowledge Horizons: The Present and the Promise of Knowledge Management
Preface- Despres & Chauvel Contributor List Knowledge Management- Karl Wiig Shifts in the World Economy- Robert Grant A Thematic Analysis of the Thinking in Knowledge Management- Despres & ChauvelExpand
Where Did That Community Go? Communities of Practice That "Disappear"
Experience has been gained and a body of literature is building about how Communities of Practice (CoPs) within organizations are formed. We are learning about the progression of communities overExpand
Beyond information - factors in participation in networks of practice: A case study of web management in UK higher education
  • A. Cox
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • J. Documentation
  • 2007
The pattern and significance of cross‐organizational ties in an emergent professional field, web production in UK higher education, is explored through in‐depth interviews with 21 practitioners and analysis of activity in cross-organizational spaces. Expand
Odd Couple: Making Sense of the Curious Concept of Knowledge Management
The idea of knowledge management draws currently much attention, both among practitioners and scholars. Advocates of the term argue that knowledge management points to a new set of phenomena andExpand