Communist State and Religious Policy in Vietnam: A Historical Perspective

  title={Communist State and Religious Policy in Vietnam: A Historical Perspective},
  author={Claire TrẦn Thị Li{\^e}n},
  journal={Hague Journal on the Rule of Law},
Presently, the Vietnamese State is facing two challenges. On the one hand, it has to integrate the country into the free world market and its corollary of religious freedom, in order to provide prosperity to its people and to preserve its legitimacy. On the other hand, it has to deal with the growing influence of religious forces, which it suspects to embody opposition against the absolute power it has exercised since its victory after 30 years of war. This article discusses the Vietnamese… 

Controlled Religious Plurality: Possibilities for Covenantal Pluralism in Vietnam

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  • Political Science
    The Review of Faith & International Affairs
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Historically, Vietnamese approaches to religion are highly inclusive, with flexibly overlapping religious traditions and ritual practices built on a substratum of ancestor worship. As Vietnam was

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A ‘Spiritual Revolution’ for National Salvation: The Way of the Jade Buddha

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‘Following Uncle Hồ to save the nation’: Empowerment, legitimacy, and nationalistic aspirations in a Vietnamese new religious movement

  • C. Hoang
  • Sociology
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 2016
This article investigates new religious movements that have emerged in post-Renovation Vietnam. The formation and development of movements that worship Hồ Chí Minh will be examined through the Way of

Preliminary Research on the Social Attitudes toward AI’s Involvement in Christian Education in Vietnam: Promoting AI Technology for Religious Education

Artificial intelligence innovations, such as chatbots and specialized education suggestion tools, provide potential interactive and on-demand pedagogical engagement between non-Christians and

Experiences in a rehabilitation programme: Case studies of male juvenile offenders in a correctional school in Vietnam

While the challenge of rehabilitating juvenile offenders has attracted international research interest, the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders in Vietnam has received little research attention.