[Communication with surgical patients of older age on the internet].


A growing interest of general population to seek health information on the Internet and a growing body of health websites have been well documented in the recent health literature. Moreover, the Internet has become a popular mode of communication between healthcare providers and patients. This has resulted in many efforts to set specific quality guidelines for development of information for patients on the Internet, including different aspects of access to health information. This paper presents results of a study that explored the structure of information sources of surgical patients. Analysis of patient profiles shows that older patients rarely sought surgical information on the Internet, and mostly relied on communication with their doctors. This paper discusses various options of how to make this medium more attractive to patients and how to use the rich experience of the older patient generations to improve the quality of doctor-patient communication.

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@article{Brangan2013CommunicationWS, title={[Communication with surgical patients of older age on the internet].}, author={Sanja Brangan and Zdenko Sonicki}, journal={Lijec̆nic̆ki vjesnik}, year={2013}, volume={135 11-12}, pages={310-5} }