Communication System Using BPSK Modulation


We are living in an era where each of the things is directly related to technology. In past decades methods of transfer of message used to take a lot of time as the technological advancement took place new methods evolved for communication. The methods used were analog and digital methods. Although a significant portion of communication today is analog form, it is being replaced rapidly by digital communication with the next decade most of the communication will become digital, with analog communication playing a minor role. A tremendous technological transformation during the last two decades has provided a potential growth in the area of digital communication and lot of newer applications and technologies are coming up every day due to these reasons. In the present work digital communication system is being used as it provides the capability of information transmission that is both efficient and reliable. Restricting ourselves to the domain of modulation techniques in this article through extensive literature survey in a specific manner enabling to analyze BPSK modulation technique for a particular application. The parameters like symbol error rate , bit error rate are used for analysis. We analyzed the techniques by using modeling and simulating various models by using MATLAB software. Keywordscommunication, modulation, BPSK, transmission

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