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Communication Skills for the 21 st Century Engineer

  title={Communication Skills for the 21 st Century Engineer},
  author={Marc J. Riemer},
Engineering graduates require an ever-increasing range of skills to maintain relevance with the global environment of the new millennium. Communication skills are a vital component of this, recognised by academia and industry alike. It is one of 11 key outcomes required by an undergraduate engineering programme in the ABET Engineering Criteria 2000 [1]. Such skills are essential for an engineer who aspires to carry out his/her professional practice in the global arena. Multilingual skills are… 
Role of Communication Skills Laboratory in Empowering the Communicative Competence in Engineering Students
Scientists and engineers may be technically brilliant and creative, but unless they have communicative skills, their technical skills will be unnoticed. Today's engineer has to communicate with more
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Today’s engineers must be more than just technically competent. To be successful in our increasingly global economy in which teamwork and interdisciplinary interaction are the norm, engineers must
Integration of international competencies into systems engineering graduate programs
A model that provides a guideline on how to facilitate learning of the international competencies and support the competencies building process with the required flexibility expected of a graduate level learning program is derived.
Strategies for English Language Teachers to develop Communication Skills among Engineering and Technology students
With the emergence of new technology, English has become a global language, and proficiency in English communication skills is considered highly essential for a person’s personal and professional
Communication skills and ESP courses: a Basque experience
This paper analyzes those communication skills expected of engineers, as well as their current deficiencies. Subsequently, resources required to develop technical and professional communication
The purposes of this study were to examine stakeholders’ perceptions of the importance of technical English communication skills in engineering and academic teachers and industry professionals’
Internationalization and fierce competitiveness have become the benchmarks of the modern labor market. Ever increasing demands have widened the roles of engineers in such a way that hard skills are
The technical oral presentation skills and attributes in engineering education: Stakeholder perceptions and university preparation in a Malaysian context
Engineer workplace communication expectations are multifold as a result of globalization and rapid technology advancement as engineers are expected to communicate “with international partners across
Communication Skills Laboratory – a Gateway of Engineering Employment
This paper aims to analyze the third year communication laboratory course prescribed for student of engineering and technology and proposes various methodologies and approaches to teach/ learn the language better.
English for University Graduate Employability: Students and Employers’ Voices
Currently, English has taken a more significant role in all domains of life and is always associated with globalization and industrialization. In Indonesia, the growing importance of English has


Communication trends in engineering firms: implications for undergraduate engineering courses
The role of communication in the professional life of practising engineers continues to grow in importance. In recognition of this fact, most undergraduate engineering courses include some tuition on
How Does the Image of Engineering Affect Student Recruitment and Retention? A Perspective from the USA*
During the past decade, as the total number of bachelors degree earners in all fields increased by 16% in the USA, there was a 15% decline in the number of engineering bachelors degrees granted. Even
Reflective essays in software engineering
  • R. Upchurch, J. Sims-Knight
  • Education
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Software engineering education has evolved over the past ten years as understanding of the issues related to the practice of developing software systems has increased. A part of that evolution is an
Intercultural communication in engineering: a research programme to investigate the cultural influences in the negotiation of engineering projects
Intercultural communication is strongly increasing as a consequence of the continuing globalisation of politics, education and private industry. Within private industry, engineering-related
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The Technical University of Denmark (TUD) aims to maintain its standing as a national technological university renowned for high standards, and, by a careful choice of forms of instruction and
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Science fiction in language classes can be very motivating for students. The stories frequently contain social dilemmas and conflicts. Such reading demands personal responses from readers. A college
Writing: a unique strategy designed to bring current topics in science and engineering to non-majors
  • T. Larkin-Hein
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The paper reports on an ongoing research study designed to address the role of writing in terms of the assessment of student learning. The study to be described involves a new instructional technique
Observations indicate that some assumptions underlying the development of the course were incorrect, and that the students have been much better technical speakers than technical writers.
Technothrillers and English for Science and Technology.
The Role of the European Union
Even before Britain’s membership of the Community, its trade with the European Union (EU) was becoming increasingly important and was growing faster than its trade with the Commonwealth. Prior to its