Commonalities in Symbiotic Plant-Microbe Signalling

  title={Commonalities in Symbiotic Plant-Microbe Signalling},
  author={Rens Holmer and L.J.J. Rutten and Wouter Kohlen and van Rp Ruud Velzen and Ren{\'e} Geurts},
Plants face the problem that they have to discriminate symbionts from a diverse pool of soil microbes, including pathogens. Studies on different symbiotic systems revealed commonalities in plant-microbe signalling. In this chapter we focus on four intimate symbiotic interactions: two mycorrhizal ones, with arbuscular- and ectomycorrhizal fungi, and two nitrogen-fixing ones, with rhizobium and Frankia bacteria. Comparing these systems uncovered commonalities in the way plants attract their… CONTINUE READING