Common variants on 8p12 and 1q24.2 confer risk of schizophrenia

  title={Common variants on 8p12 and 1q24.2 confer risk of schizophrenia},
  author={Yongyong Shi and Zhiqiang Li and Qi Xu and Ti Wang and Tao Li and Jiawei Shen and Fengyu Zhang and Jianhua Chen and Guoquan Zhou and Wei-dong Ji and Baojie Li and Yifeng Xu and Dengtang Liu and Peng Wang and Ping Yang and Benxiu Liu and Wensheng Sun and Chunling Wan and Shengying Qin and Guang Qing He and Stacy Steinberg and Sven Cichon and T. Werge and Engilbert Sigurdsson and Sarah Tosato and Aarno V Palotie and Markus M. N{\"o}then and Marcella Rietschel and Roel A. Ophoff and David A. Collier and Dan Rujescu and David M. St Clair and Hreinn Stefansson and K{\'a}ri Stef{\'a}nsson and Jue Ji and Qingzhong Wang and Wenjin Jason Li and Linqing Zheng and Hairong Zhang and Guoyin Feng and Lin He},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder affecting ∼1% of the world population, with heritability of up to 80%. To identify new common genetic risk factors, we performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) in the Han Chinese population. The discovery sample set consisted of 3,750 individuals with schizophrenia and 6,468 healthy controls (1,578 cases and 1,592 controls from northern Han Chinese, 1,238 cases and 2,856 controls from central Han Chinese, and 934 cases and 2,020 controls from… CONTINUE READING
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