Common variants in HNF-1 α and risk of type 2 diabetes

  title={Common variants in HNF-1 α and risk of type 2 diabetes},
  author={Johan Holmkvist and Camilla Cervin and Valeriya Lyssenko and Wendy Winckler and Dragi Anevski and Corrado Cilio and Peter Almgren and G{\"o}ran GB Berglund and Peter Nilsson and Tiinamaija Tuomi and Cecilia M. Lindgren and David Altshuler and Leif Groop},
Mutations in the hepatocyte nuclear factor 1-α gene (HNF-1α, now known as the transcription factor 1 gene [TCF1]) cause the most common monogenic form of diabetes, MODY3, but it is not known if common variants in HNF-1a are associated with decreased transcriptional activity or phenotypes related to type 2 diabetes, or whether they predict future type 2 diabetes. We studied the effect of four common polymorphisms (rs1920792, I27L, A98V and S487N) in and upstream of the HNF-1α gene on… CONTINUE READING