Common variants at 12 q 14 and 12 q 24 are associated with hippocampal

  title={Common variants at 12 q 14 and 12 q 24 are associated with hippocampal},
  author={Charles DeCarli and Albert Vernon Smith and Fedde van der Lijn and Fabrice Crivello and Myriam Fornage and St{\'e}phanie A. Debette and Joshua M. Shulman and Helena X. Schmidt and Velandai Srikanth and Maaike Schuur and Lei Yu and Seung-Hoan Choi and Sigurdur E Sigurdsson and Benjamin F. J. Verhaaren and Anita L. DeStefano and Jean-Charles Lambert and Clifford R. Jack and Maksim Struchalin and Jim M Stankovich and Carla A. Ibrahim-Verbaas and Debra A. Fleischman and Alex P. Zijdenbos and Tom den Heijer and Bernard Mazoyer and Laura H. Coker and Christian Enzinger and Patrick Danoy and Najaf Amin and Konstantinos Arfanakis and Mark A. van Buchem and Ren{\'e}e F.A.G. de Bruijn and Alexa L Beiser and Carole Dufouil and Juebin Huang and Margherita Cavalieri and Russell Martin Thomson and Wiro J. Niessen and Lori Beth Chibnik and Gauti Kjartan Gislason and Albert Hofman and A Pikula and Philippe Amouyel and Kevin B. Freeman and Thanh G. Phan and Ben A. Oostra and Jason L. Stein and Sarah E. Medland and Alejandro Arias V{\'a}squez and Derrek P. Hibar and Margaret J. Wright and Barbara Franke and Nicholas G. Martin and Michael A. Nalls and Andr{\'e} G. Uitterlinden and Rhoda Au and Alexis Elbaz and Richard Beare and John van Swieten and Oscar L. Lopez and Tamara B. Harris and Vincent Chouraki and Philip L. De Jager and James T. Becker and Meike W. Vernooij and David K Knopman and Franz Fazekas and Philip A. Wolf and Vilmundur Gudnason and William T. Longstreth and Matthew A Brown and David A. Bennett and Cornelia M. van Duijn and Thomas H. Mosley and Reinhold Schmidt and Christophe Tzourio and Lenore J. Launer and Mohammad A Ikram and Sudha Seshadri},
545 Aging is associated with reductions in hippocampal volume that are accelerated by Alzheimer’s disease and vascular risk factors. Our genome-wide association study (GWAS) of dementia-free persons (n = 9,232) identified 46 SNPs at four loci with P values of <4.0 × 10−7. In two additional samples (n = 2,318), associations were replicated at 12q14 within MSRB3-WIF1 (discovery and replication; rs17178006; P = 5.3 × 10−11) and at 12q24 near HRK-FBXW8 (rs7294919; P = 2.9 × 10−11). Remaining… CONTINUE READING


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