Common channel interoffice signaling: Peripheral maintenance and administration support system

  title={Common channel interoffice signaling: Peripheral maintenance and administration support system},
  author={Robert C. Snare},
  journal={The Bell System Technical Journal},
  • R. Snare
  • Published 1 February 1978
  • Computer Science
  • The Bell System Technical Journal
Common Channel Interoffice Signaling (CCIS) introduces a new network for routing signaling information, new equipment, and new functions for which performance must be monitored. Reliable, timely (within seconds or minutes in many cases), and readily usable performance reports are required by traffic and maintenance personnel to administer and maintain these new capabilities to provide the high quality of service to which customers are accustomed. The Peripheral Bus Computer (PBC) System… 
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Stored Program Controlled Network: CCIS and SPC network performance

Common-channel interoffice signaling (CCIS) represents a major advance in interoffice signaling speed and capability over current inband signaling systems. The introduction of CCIS between Stored



Electronic Translator System for Toll Switching-Routing Strategy and Network Control

Call routing proceeds, in general, by direct indexing into head-cell referenced tables, and can be temporarily modified by network control cancellations, skips, and reroutes.

Electronic Translator System for Toll Switching-System Description

The introduction of the stored program with its associated electronic speed of operation enables the ETS to provide expanded classes of service, increased traffic capacity, flexible arrangements for administering traffic routing, and aggrandized network control functions, while providing the capacity for the introduction of new features to the toll switching network.

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