Common-centroid capacitor placement considering systematic and random mismatches in analog integrated circuits

  title={Common-centroid capacitor placement considering systematic and random mismatches in analog integrated circuits},
  author={Cheng-Wu Lin and Jai-Ming Lin and Yen-Chih Chiu and Chun-Po Huang and S. Chang},
  journal={2011 48th ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC)},
One of the most important issues during the analog layout phase is to achieve accurate capacitance ratios. However, systematic and random mismatches will affect the accuracy of the capacitance ratios. A common-centroid placement is helpful to reduce the systematic mismatch, but it still needs the property of high dispersion to reduce the random mismatch [10]. To deal with this problem, we propose a simulated annealing [15] based approach to construct a common-centroid placement which exhibits… Expand
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